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Common Carpet Cleaning Myths

When Is the Best Time to Contact a Carpet Cleaner

Some homeowners only call a carpet cleaner when it is very dirty and it really looks like it needs a cleaning. This is a big mistake because you should keep a regular maintenance of your carpet, a study proved that people became ill three times more when their carpeting wasn’t cleaned regularly. Also, the dirt that you cannot see is the one that causes the most damage to your carpet fibers. Tiny microscopic pieces of dirt and debris break down the fiber filaments prematurely.

For some reason, people believe carpet protection is very expensive, but in the long run, carpet cleaning is actually the cheapest route because an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure. And as carpeting is probably the most expensive inversion you do at home, it is really worth to be cleaned and maintained properly. I guess all of you prefer spending one hundred dollars a year than a thousand dollars replacing the carpet for a new one.

There is a myth about carpets. People say that when buying a new carpet, you should wait a couple of years until you clean it for the first time. They say that once you have it cleaned, you need to have it cleaned all the time. If you check your paperwork, you will see that manufacturers recommend hiring a carpet cleaner, or doing it yourself every 12 to 18 months deeply and to vacuum at least once or twice a week. The problem many people face is the fact that many cleaning companies use a high-residual detergent and that makes your carpet dirty very fast.

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Carpet Cleaning Masters Las Vegas

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